This is a complete video analysis of your goalkeeper's match. It also includes the psychology of catching and valuable advice on how to avoid mistakes in the match, training off the ice and on the ice.

Video analysis requires an action camera behind the goal or a match that was filmed on the website , basic camera accessories, glass suction cup and computer.
More information and complete instructions HERE.

After sending the match, I will try to completely process the most important situations in the shortest possible time (depending on the workload of SEASON training) and discuss them together via video call. Video analysis will work on the 70/30 principle, where 70% of the video will be focused on positive things and 30% on negative things, so that the goalkeeper still has the taste improve your skills. The video analysis and video call will be conducted by me, Patrik Nechvátal, owner and trainer of TEAMBHA.


The price includes 1 hour of video call + sending a video analysis

If you are interested in video analysis, please contact us either on the phone number +420 732 552 520 or on the email, where we can arrange a date together.

990 KČ / 45 EUR