There are several goalkeeping academies in the Czech Republic and they all claim the same "individual approach", but what do you really mean by this phrase that everyone offers? 
My si pod ní představujeme naše akce, které jsou limitované pro maximální počet 24 brankářů pro hlavní kempy. 12 a 9 pro jednodenní a víkendové kempy. 9 a 6 brankářů maximálně na tréninky SEASON a HOBBY.
So that we can really say, this is an individual approach. We work with the goalies on the technical side of catching both on the ice and in training off the ice. We do everything to teach our members to behave on the ice with humility and respect for opponents and teammates.
We always try to show all our members the way, using the most modern techniques that lead to professional success in quality European competitions. So that one day parents can be proud of their children. Like my father (founder of BHA) on me.
It's up to you which path you choose.


Patrik nechvátal