The TEAMBHA goalkeeping school is a continuation of the goalkeeping hockey academy in Rosice, which has been operating since 2002. We are dedicated to the education and training of hockey goalkeepers, from the smallest to adult, often professional, goalkeepers. Our goal is to prepare young goalkeepers in such a way that they are able to make their way into extra-league youth teams. In the case of adult goalkeepers, it is a specific skill in which they want to improve. We offer countless variations and styles for goalkeepers to try out. It's up to everyone what style of catching they choose. Every goalkeeper is unique, so we approach each one individually and look for the best path to success.

Regular training units are a big advantage. We see most of the goalkeepers year-round and can react to any problems very quickly. With the help of modern technologies, we are able to quickly analyze the given obstacle, or remove it completely thanks to further training. We also analyze the match under the name TEAMBHA GAMES. More information HERE.

From the 2022/2023 season, we are holding events called SEASON, which are dedicated to special goalkeeper training during the season.

In 2022, we also extended our services to Slovakia, where we organize camps under the name TEAMBHA SLOVAKIA. More information HERE.

In the post-season period (May-June) we focus on goalkeepers every Saturday and once a month we also organize a weekend camp. This two-month training cycle is also popular with older and foreign goalkeepers who cannot attend our regular training sessions during the season. Also the July goalkeeping main camp, which is excellent preparation for the next season. We work with junior and professional ice hockey players who help us with shooting exercises. After all, a hockey player can't be replaced by a puck machine 😉

From the 2022/2023 season, we also organize special training sessions for amateur goalkeepers (hobby) where goalkeepers can experience what it's like to train like a complete professional! More information HERE